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CPDI Urges Prime Minister, President, and Secretary Health to Ban Unhealthy Food and Promote
Healthier Options in Public Procurements
06/02/2024 View/Download PDF
CPDI arranged the 3rd Collaborative Session on the Project “Localization of SDGs through PDP by TLGs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa” 04/02/2024 View/Download PDF
CED urges political parties, and national institutions to hold dialogue to ensure free, fair elections 02/01/2024 View/Download PDF
CPDI Commends Landmark Signing of Marrakesh Treaty 12/12/2023 View/Download PDF
All Party Conference on Energy Held in Islamabad 01/12/2023 View/Download PDF
Inclusive and Merit-Based Budgeting Called 28/11/2023 View/Download PDF
Elimination of industrially produced trans fatty acids (iTFAs) from all foods stressed 7/11/2023 View/Download PDF
Inclusive Policies and Strategies Foster Collaborative Engagement for Social Inclusion and Governance. CPDI 1/11/2023 View/Download PDF
Leading experts Unite for Robust, Financially Independent, and Inclusive local Governments: CPDI 24/10/2023 View/Download PDF
Conference on Pakistan’s Challenge to Political Stability and Economic Revival 02/10/2023 View/Download PDF
Enhanced share of renewable sources of energy emphasized
 بجلی کی 35 فیصد پیداوار سورج اور ہوا پر منتقل کرنے سے سالانہ 300 ارب کی بچت ہو سکتی ہے
15/09/2023 View/Download English PDF
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CPDI Observed International Democracy Day with a Focus on Democratic Governance for Peaceful and Inclusive Societies 14/09/2023 View/Download PDF
Journalists moot for elimination of trans fatty acids (TFAs) from all foods 20/08/2023 View/Download PDF
CPDI Conducts Orientation Session on Right to Information for Government Officials and Journalists 20/07/2023 View/Download PDF
Stakeholders’ consultation aimed at addressing Pakistan’s climate-related challenges and finding effective solutions to combat plastic pollution 7/06/2023 View/Download PDF
CPDI Highlights Key Areas for Improvement in Azad Jammu and Kashmir Right to Information Bill, 2023 1/06/2023 View/Download PDF

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