Information Requests: peculiar Responses from Public Bodies and Landmark Decisions of RTI Appellate Bodies/Courts

1Eloquent note by JUSTICE JAWWAD S. KHAWAJA on Right to Information in Memo Gate Case“It is an unfortunate facet of our history that during the 64 years since Pakistan’s independence in 1947, the people of Pakistan have been, at times, disserved by a non-inclusive governance paradigm where information critical to them has been withheld from them”.
2DCO Rahim Yar Khan invoking exception clause when requested copy of the log-book and decision
of Punjab Information Commission
“The Commission is of the view that the mere mention, assumption or apprehension of possible harm to life or safety of a person is not enough to claim an exception u/s 13(e) of the Act”.
3First ever case of imposing fine on a public official for delaying or denying access to information“It is evident that the Respondent acted with malafide intentions to first delay and then obstruct access to the requested information by intimidating the Complainant to withdraw the complaint filed to the Commission”.
4Special Publicity Fund is a ‘Secret Fund-Ministry of Information and broadcasting response“The whole operation of Special Publicity Fund falls under the category of classified information”.
5Lahore High Court Landmark judgement on right to information and issues pertaining to privacy, disclosure of intermediary opinions and representations to the President The Board instead of complying with the direction of Tax Ombudsman rushed to the President to get its decision set aside even though the President had no authority to entertain the said representation under the applicable law.lhc Decision

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