Election Promises By PPPP

This table depicts the election promises by top leadership of PPPP.

Asif Ali ZardariMultanGovernanceSouth Punjab a new provinceExpress News
02-04-2013Shazia AurangzebMardanWomen empowerment-Establishment of a university
-Separate transport system and
-Vocational centers
for women in Mardan city
Dawn News
15-04-2013Bilawal Bhutto ZardariIslamabadSocial welfare-Will expand the BISP to complete its second phaseTribune
15-04-2013Bilawal Bhutto ZardariIslamabadSocial Development-BISP stipend will be increased to Rs2,000 per monthExpress News
15-04-2013Bilawal Bhutto ZardariIslamabadSocial Development- BISP, more local and international institutions including banks will be taken on board as partners and
-Scope of the programme will be extended
Tribune News
09-05-2013Bilawal Bhutto ZardariIslamabadEmployment-Jobs quota for ICT residents
10-05-2013Bilawal Bhutto ZardariIslamabadGovernance-PPP would form South Punjab province The Frontier Post Lhr

Election Promises By PML-N

This table carries the election promises by top leadership of PML-N
09-03-2013Mian Nawaz SharifMardanTransport/Power generation/Education-Expansion of Motorway network to Karachi and Gwadar
-Additional power generation of 25000 MW
-Bullet train from Peshawar to Karachi
-Laptop Scheme in KPK
-Danish Schools
-Metro Bus Services in all provinces
02-04-2013Mian Shabaz SharifLahoreTransportMetro Bus Service in KarachiExpress News

Mian Shabaz SharifLahoreLaw & OrderPromoting peace in KarachiExpress News
07-04-2013Mian Shabaz SharifLahoreWomen empowerment-Allocation of Rs. 4 billion for women through Bank of PunjabExpress News
08-04-2013Mian Shabaz SharifIslamabadRTI / Law-The first legislation to be passed by the next Punjab Assembly will be the Right to Information law.The News/ CPDI Web Page
16-04-2013Mian Shabaz SharifLahoreEducation-Allocation of Rs. 700 billion in next 5 years
-Legislation for ensuring 100% admission for Middle class and 80% for Matric
-Two Danish schools in every district of Pakistan (one for boys and one for girls)
Express News
17-04-2013Mian Shabaz SharifLahoreAccountability-Accountability for PPP rulersNation
20-04-2013Mian Shabaz SharifLahoreWomen empowerment-Enhancing women role in legislation as well as other affairs of the stateThe Nation
20-04-2013Mian Shabaz SharifLahoreRural development/ Transport-Turning Youhanaabad into Model Village
-Extension of Metro Bus Service to Kahna
The Nation
20-04-2013Mian Nawaz SharifLahoreWomen’s rights-Protection of Women rights in
-inherited properties through legislation;
-Care centres and
-women entrepreneurship financing for businesswomen would be established to facilitate this important segment of the scieity.
The Nation
20-04-2013Mian Nawaz SharifLahoreWomen Empowerment-Soft loans and every incentive necessary to facilitate women in
-education and other professions.
The Nation
20-04-2013Mian Nawaz SharifLahoreWomen’s Rights-Check through legislation about -Torture on women, and
-Discriminatory treatment to
them in inheritance as well as
in society
The Nation
07-05-2013Mian Nawaz SharifKPK/Different districtsTransport/Economy-Motorway from Peshawar to Kabul and its extension to Tashkant
-rejuvenate the economy and overtake India
The News
07-05-2013Mian Nawaz SharifHaripurNew Province-Hazara to be made new provinceThe News
07-05-2013Mian Nawaz SharifHaripurEducation-Medical College and University in AbbottabadThe News
09-03-2013Mian Nawaz SharifLahoreLocal Governance System-Establishment of Local Governments SystemCPDI-Party Manifestos
09-03-2013Mian Nawaz SharifLahoreEducators Salaries-Increase in Teachers SalariesCPDI Party Manifestos

Election Promises By PTI

This table exhibits the election promises by top leadership of PTI
26-02-2013Imran KhanIslamabadEnvironment-5 mln jobs under environment-friendly economic offensive.
-PTI will include the provision of clean environment mandatory in the Constitution.
-Green development agenda would be declared mandatory for all urban areas.
Lahore Times
27-02-2013Imran KhanIslamabadEnvironment Policy-Emergency steps needed to meet environmental issuesTribune
04-03-2013Imran KhanIslamabadEconomic Policy-10m new jobs for youth over the next five years.
-to reduce fiscal deficit to 4.5 percent of the GDP
-Allocation of land for special economic zones around every major urban centre.
Pakistan Today
23-03-2013Imran KhanLahoreManagement-six promises by IKNews Pakistan
31-03-2013Imran KhanSwatEducation-Rs 2,500 billion would be spent on the education sector.Saach.tv-Web Page
31-03-2013Imran KhanSwatDefence/Conflict resolution-To establish peace in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & FATA
-To end US led war.
- Manage talks with militants
31-03-2013Imran KhanMingoraEducation-Will spend five times more money in education and will invest in the government schools,
-increase employment opportunities,
-will promote technical education…
31-03-2013Imran KhanSwatEducational Curriculum -Uniform curriculum would be set upSaach.tv
01-04-2013Imran KhanMingoraL.G.System-No MPA or MNA will be given funds for development projects and only local authorities will have access to money.Express News
31-03-2013Imran KhanSwatJustice/ Law and Order-Will introduce pre-1974 justice system in Swat.Saach.tv- Web Page

Election Promises by PML-Q

This table contains the election promises by top leadership of PML-Q
03-12-2012Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi MansehraState-Creation of Hazara ProvinceThe Nation
06-04-2013Chaudhry Pervaiz ElahiGujratEducation-Free education and books up to graduationExpress
06-05-2013Chaudhry Pervaiz ElahiGujratEducation-Repening of hundred of schools and colleges established by Ch. Pervaiz Elahi and shut down by Shahbaz-led government
RTI Live
29-04-2013Chaudhry Pervaiz ElahiLahoreTransportCompletion of Gujrat-Sialkot-Lahore Motorway Lahore World
29-04-2013Chaudhry Pervaiz ElahiLahoreHigher Education-Establishment of two international universitiesLahore World

Election Promises By MQM

This table exhibits the election promises by top leadership of MQM
18-03-2013Altaf HussainMirpurkhasEducation-Free education up to matriculation The News
18-03-2013Altaf HussainMirpurkhasHealthcare -Will provide free complete healthcare facilities to the poor people.The News
18-03-2013Altaf HussainMirpurkhasJustice-MQM would establish a just and equitable system in Pakistan that would give speedy justice to the poor people without hiring expensive lawyers.The News
18-03-2013Altaf HussainMirpurkhasSocial Justice/ Public Welfare-Looted national wealth would be recovered and spent on public welfare projects.The News
18-03-2013Altaf HussainMirpurkhasWomen’s rights-Will stop Karo-Kari: killings
-Harsh punishments for those who throw acids on women
- 50 per cent jobs
-would allocate 50 per cent reserved seats for women in provincial and national assemblies.
18-03-2013Altaf HussainMirpurkhasLand reforms -Would introduce land reforms
-A limit would be set on maximum land-holdings.
-Surplus land would be distributed among poor farmers and peasants.

Election Promises By JUI-F

This table carries the election promises by top leadership of JUI-F
01-04-2013Maulana Fazlur Rehman LahoreManpower-He would create a balance between salaries of private workers and government servants,
-Disallowing private workers to become slaves and the capitalist system, which was a legacy of the British colonists.
The News
01-04-2013Maulana Fazlur RehmanLahoreSocial contract/Liberation-Increase in salaries of private workers to end the master-slave relationship as a new social contract.
- Western concepts of human relationships opposite to Islamic concepts.
-Liberating country from West’s financial and political slavery
01-04-2013Maulana Fazlur RehmanLahoreMinorities' Rights -Safeguard minorities and their rights by treating them with due respect, as specified by Islam.The News
01-04-2013Maulana Fazlur RehmanLahoreIndustrial Workers welfare-50 per cent share of workers unions in the industries’ B0DsExpress
01-04-2013Maulana Fazlur RehmanLahoreEnergy, Natural Recourses Formers RightsWould ban
Forced eviction of tenants from agricultural lands,
-Liberate the country’s natural resources from multinational companies and
-Tap them to produce cheaper energy
-To revive the industrial sector.
The News

Promises By Jamaat-e-Islami (JI)

23-04-2013Dr Fareed Ahmed ParachaIslamabadSocial and political rights-To end terrorism‚ lawlessness‚ introduce land reforms‚ overcome energy crisis and
-Ensure political rights of Overseas Pakistanis…
Radio Pakistan News
23-04-2013Dr Fareed Ahmed ParachaIslamabadState sovereignty-To make Pakistan a sovereign and self-reliant…Radio Pakistan News
06-05-2013Sirajul HaqPeshawarEducation-Free education from first class to intermediate and equal education in KpKPakistan Education News
06-05-2013Sirajul HaqPeshawarLaw and order-Would end the Thana culture and
-Military operation in the KpK province,
-Missing persons in KpK would be recovered.
Pakistan Education News
06-05-2013Sirajul HaqPeshawarHealth-Free health facilities to be given in all district hospitals.Pakistan Education News
06-05-2013Sirajul HaqPeshwarL.G./Minorities Rights-Local government system would be implemented and
-Rights of minorities would be secured
Pakistan Education News
24-04-2013Syed Munawar HassanPeshawarSocial Liberation-Freedom from ZardarisThe Frontier Post

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