Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Program

CPDI’s Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Program enhances public awareness regarding climate change issues and draws the attention of the Federal and provincial governments to policy gaps and implementation challenges, to improve the level and speed of the response to the causes and impacts of climate change. The following are the key areas of the program.

Recognizing the interconnectedness of climate issues with governance, CPDI has integrated climate change mitigation and adaptation into its existing work, particularly that focused on local governance, budgets, parliamentary/policy engagement, and Right to information (RTI). CPDI advocates for an improved policy and institutional framework related to climate change at both Federal and provincial levels, while highlighting the need for more effective policies to address climate challenges and promote sustainable practices.
CPDI provides technical assistance and capacity building to enhance the coordination, oversight, and management capacities of relevant government departments and bodies about climate change. This involves providing support to officials involved in climate-related activities to ensure a more efficient and comprehensive response.
CPDI believes it is critical to utilize the inherent potential of youth in countering climate crisis. Therefore, the organization is focused on capacitating youth across the country to become climate resilient and act as firsthand responders. Moreover, CPDI ensures that climate change understanding is imparted amongst diverse audiences including minorities, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), transgender persons and vulnerable communities.
CPDI produces new bodies of knowledge on different climate themes in the form of policy briefs, research studies, articles, and blog posts. Moreover, CPDI is at the forefront of designing thoughtful awareness and advocacy campaigns on topics such as climate justice, impact of climate change on food insecurity and gender.
CPDI facilitates public debates and raising awareness on climate change issues. The organization holds stakeholder dialogues, consultative workshops, and conferences to encourage a broader understanding of climate-related challenges and fosters collaboration among various stakeholders for effective solutions.

Legal Framework

Research work by CPDI




Date Event Name Download
December 1, 2023 All Party Conference on Energy Press Release | Agenda
| Media Coverage
November 28, 2023 CPDI’s Conference on “Green Horizon Pakistan” Press Release | Agenda  |  Media Coverage
November 9, 2023 Carbon Markets for Sustainable Climate Action Agenda
November 7, 2023 Accelerating Electric Vehicles (EV) Revolution for a Sustainable Future Agenda
November 6, 2023 Informing Consumer Choices for Sustainable Appliances Agenda
June 7, 2023 Stakeholder Consultation on Pakistan’s Climate Budget and Solutions to Plastic Pollution Press Release
December 06, 2022  Provincial Conference on Climate Change and Local Governance:
Role of Local Governments in Addressing Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
September 15, 2022 Role of LGs in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. Press Release | Agenda | Media Coverage

Videos and Dialogues

Date Video Title Category
December 2023 Breathing Mangroves: The Tale of Delta Blue Carbon Documentary
October 2022 CPDI Dialogue on Climate Justice Twitter Space
August 2022 Dialogue on climate change and local responses Twitter Space
June 2022 World Environment Day Twitter Space

Training Sessions