New Draft RTI Bill for Sindh will be presented in Assembly in Next Parliamentary Year, Says Sharmila Farooqi in Conference Organized by CPDI

Karachi, June 08, 2015: Sindh Freedom of Information Act 2006 and along with Balochistan and Federal right to information law are inadequate as these laws do not meet international standards of effective right to information legislation. ‘Information’ is not defined, the list of exempted information is vague, there is no harm test, and the process of access to information held by public bodies is neither cost-effective nor easy.

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Free education for all? No!

Research on public schools money in Punjab indicates infringement of right to education

“Following the School Paisa”, a research study launched by Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI), has revealed that around 97 percent students are still paying monthly fee in public schools despite the slogan of free education for all by the Punjab government.

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Govt is open in rhetoric and secret in reality

ISLAMABAD: The PML-N government is determined to promote transparency in rhetoric but has been found building walls of secrecy in reality.

The Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights has denied the citizens’ right to information as an RTI request inquiring details of advertisements released to the media has been refused citing it as classified information.

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Calls to repeal discriminatory laws on International Women’s Day

ISLAMABAD: On a usual Sunday, most residents of the federal capital like to stay at home especially if it is a rainy day, but on March 8 close to 10 events were held to mark International Women’s Day.

Participants at various events demanded the government to take immediate steps to repeal all laws which discriminate against women including the Hudood Ordinance, Qisas and Diyat and Law of Evidence.

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