CPDI Demands thorough Review of Rules of Procedure of the PA

Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) has demanded a through review of rules of procedures to make it in line with the democratic traditions. The rules of procedures of Pakistani CPDIassemblies, including the Punjab Assembly, are part of Common Law originating primarily in the practice of House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Whereas UK assemblies have introduced some revolutionary changes in the working of the House and many commonwealth countries have followed it; Pakistani assemblies are still lagging behind in term of efficiency, accountability and transparency. For example, an MP can expect answer to question submitted in House of Common within 2 days; his counterpart in the Punjab Assembly has to wait for 12 months and in some case for 24 months to get answer of the submitted questions. Similar observations can be made for general discussion, working hours, number of working days, budget sessions, quorum, and attendance of the MPAs and legislation process.

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Malik favours Right of Information

QUETTA: Chief Minister Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch has said that Pakistan is a democratic country and there is no threat of dictatorship after the 18 Amendment in the Constitution as it was first demanded by Balochistan.

He expressed his views while addressing a conference about right to information in law organized by CPD where Provincial Information Minister Raheem Ziaratwal, MPA Balochistan Assembly Spozmi, Provincial Home Secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani and other officials were present at the conference.

“In the past, negligence was showed for legislation about the authority which was shifted to provinces from the federal Government but present government is making serious measures in this context,” CM Balochistan added.

He advised members of house to bring resolutions relating right to information in law which is basic right of the people and they are their representatives which will help to gain trust on them as it is indispensable.

Dr Abdul Malik Baloch said that they believe in honesty and transparency rather than hiding any issue from people as right to information in law is basic right of people and a long struggle was made for democracy and sovereignty of people and freedom of expression and Press.

“A committee is formed to collect recommendations for right to information act under the leadership of Provincial Information Minister Raheem Ziaratwal,” CM Balochistan announced and said that recommendations should be gathered before the next assembly session and a bill will be presented soon in assembly to block the obstacles in right to information in law.

By Beberg Baloch

Daily Balochistan Express

A Journalist is Incomplete without Accuracy and Impartiality

Quetta – A journalist is incomplete without accuracy and impartiality, said Shahzada Zulfiqar President of Quetta Press Club (QPC) on Monday.

QPC President made this statement while addressing the concluding session of a workshop held by Center for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI). Shahzada Zulfiqar thanked CPDI for training journalists of Balochistan and urged them to conduct similar training programs in interior Balochistan.
Saleem Shahid, Senior correspondent of Dawn newspaper said that, “A journalist has to be impartial irrespective of his political inclinations.”

CPDI, a research based advocacy group, held a one-day training workshop for journalists of Quetta in QPC, titled “Role of Media in elections.”

CPDI Manager Research and Development Fayyaz Yaseen delivered lectures on how journalists can improve their election reporting. Mr. Fayyaz urged journalists to acquaint themselves with elections laws, relevant code of conduct before embarking on any election reporting assignment.

Group training exercises were conducted to systematically train the participants on how they can best perform their duties during elections.

Over two dozen journalists participated in the workshop from different newspapers and television channels based in Quetta. Fatima Khan, provincial coordinator of CPDI thanked the participants and announced similar training programs in Lasbela and Loralai.

In the end, participating journalists were awarded certificates by President QPC Shahzada Zulfiqar and Saleem Shahid.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on July 27, 2015