Implementation Period: Sept. 2008 to Aug. 2009
Donor: USAID/ TACMIL Health Project

This project aims to improve the delivery of health services by focusing on improved mechanisms of information sharing, enhanced capacity of media and civil society for oversight, piloting and promoting needs based budgeting and building capacity of citizens or consumer of health services for seeking redress if and when they feel aggrieved or discriminated against.

The project will be implemented with the following objectives:

To work with health authorities to achieve improved sharing of information and promote informed dialogue around various policies, priorities, resource allocations and management practices related to health services;
To inform citizens about their rights, especially their right to information, and entitlements in relation to health services under various laws and governmental policies;
To develop needs-based annual budgets of selected health facilities through a participatory process and then advocate reform in the way health budget is made;
To build the capacity of stakeholders including relevant officials, councilors, local civil society organizations and media, about the use of various laws to protect citizens and consumer rights vis-à-vis health services.

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