Support: Commonwealth Secretariat

With the support of Common Wealth Secretariat, Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) is putting into operation a situational analysis study on “Civil Paths to Peace” in Pakistan with regard to the situation and nature of the conflicts , initiatives on respect, understanding, dialogue, tolerance, multiple identities and peace issues.

Objectives of the Study are:

  • To identify Social, Political and economic conditions giving rise to exclusion and conflict in Pakistan
  • To dig out Reasons for the youth involvement in conflict
  • To find out the effect of conflicts on lives and future prospective of the youth in Pakistan
  • Identification of the critical players in the field of CPP who can be potential strategic partners to take forward the CPP concept and to build “Youth Dialogue and Action Forum” in Pakistan
  • Formation of Policy Proposals for delinking the youth from violence and involving them in efforts aimed at building Peace and Pluralism

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