This one year project, which started on January 01, 2011, is being implemented in Jhang and Rawalpindi districts in collaboration with Affiliated Network of Social Accountability South Asia Region (ANSA SAR).

Project Goal:

 The overall goal of the project is ‘To Promote Transparent Public Procurement Regime in Pakistan’.

Project Objectives:

By the end of the project, at least 50 percent of population of selected Tehsils in Rawalpindi and Jhang districts will have improved awareness regarding social accountability tools (RTI/Public Procurements Procedures/Budget Tracking)

In the last quarter of the project, issues pertaining to procurement process in Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) or Development Budgets are Analyzed and Model for Transparent Public Procurement and Pro-poor Budgeting is showcased

Series of awareness raising sessions/meetings with local professional groups are being held to make the local community aware on available spaces for social accountability in public procurement, and how to use them. Training sessions on using right to information laws will be held with community members for filing information requests on public procurements in health, education, road & transportation, and water & sanitation, in last three years. Under this project, we will develop a research report on public procurements in last three years in Health, Education, Works and Public Health departments at National and Provincial Levels. Furthermore, research study will be carried out on Islamabad Police Budget and Procurements. A National seminar regarding ‘Public Procurements in Pakistan: Issues and Concerns’ will be held in Islamabad under this project. As a part of advocacy efforts, ten press releases will be issued on procurement and right to information related issues and five Op/Ed articles   will be contributed to different newspapers.

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