National Assembly: Rigging Allegations Consume 47% of Sitting TimeMay 09,2014
National Assembly Continues Debate on Law and OrderMay 07,2014
National Assembly: Seven Bills Introduced, Two Resolutions AdoptedMay 06,2014
Federal Judicial Academy (Amend) Ordinance laid in NAMay 05,2014
NA Passes Two Bills, One Resolution Amid ProtestsApril 07,2014
National Assembly: Lack of Quorum Leads to Adjournment of SittingApril 04,2014
National Assembly: Lack of Quorum Leads to Adjournment of SittingApril 04,2014
National Assembly Takes Up Entire AgendaApril 02,2014
NA Debates Law and Order Amid Low AttendanceApril 01,2014
NA Debates Law and Order Amid Low AttendanceMarch 31,2014
National Assembly Takes Up Two CANs Amid Low AttendanceMarch 28,2014
National Assembly Passes FPSC (Amendment) Bill, 2014March 07,2014
NA Wraps up Debate on National Security PolicyMarch 06,2014
NA Suspends Agenda To Discuss National Security PolicyMarch 05,2014
A Passes National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee Amendment BillMarch 04,2014
NA Passes National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee Amendment BillFeb 27,2014
National Security Policy Presented in National AssemblyFeb 26,2014
National Assembly: Two CANs Taken Up; SBP’s Annual Report LaidFeb 09,2014
NA Gives Extension to Anti-Terror Ordinances; Passes Two BillsFeb 08,2014
NA: Anti-terrorism Amendment Bill Deferred after CriticismFeb 06,2014
Legislators Express Solidarity with KashmirisFeb 04,2014
Standing Committee on Interior Presents Three Reports in NAJanuary 31,2014
NA: Protection of Pakistan (Amendment) Ordinance laidJanuary 30,2014
PM attends sitting for an hour and 22 minutesJanuary 29,2014
NA: Four Bills Introduced on Private Members DayJanuary 28,2014
NA Sitting Adjourned Due To Lack of QuorumJanuary 27,2014
National Assembly resumes debate on law and orderDecember 19,2013
NA: Islamabad Capital Territory LG Bill, 2013 introducedDecember 06,2013
NA Adopts Resolution to pay Tributes to Nelson MandelaDecember 06,2013
National Assembly: Cantonment Laws (Amendment) Bill IntroducedDecember 05,2013
No Agenda Taken Up Except QuestionsNovember 05,2013
National Assembly Suspends Agenda to Discuss Drone AttacksNovember 04,2013
National Assembly Suspends Agenda to Discuss Drone AttacksNovember 04,2013
100 days of National Assembly Press ReleaseOctober 30,2013
100 days of National AssemblyOctober 30,2013
National Assembly Session ProroguedSeptember 27,2013
National Assembly Adopts Four ResolutionsSeptember 26,2013
Resolution demands relief for quake victimsSeptember 25,2013
Debate continues on tragic incident in Peshawar September 24,2013
National Assembly Adopts Resolution to Condemn Church BombingsSeptember 23,2013
National Assembly: Federal Court (Repeal) Bill LaidSeptember 20,2013
National Assembly: Eight legislators debate presidential addressSeptember18,2013
National Assembly: Surveying and Mapping Ordinance laid as debate on presidential address continuesSeptember 16,2013
National Assembly: Surveying and Mapping Ordinance laid as debate on presidential address continuesSeptember 16,2013
Points of Order Consume 46% of ProceedingsAugust 29,2013
Constitutional Amendment Bill IntroducedAugust 28,2013
Debate on Presidential AddressAugust 26,2013
Most Agenda Items not Taken upAugust 23,2013
LoC Violation ResolutionAugust 22,2013
National Assembly Approves Motion for forming Standing CommitteesAugust 21,2013
Points of Order consumes 88% of the proceedingsAugust 20,2013
Resolution Adopted to condemn LoC ViolationsAugust 13,2013
National Assembly: Motion Adopted to Hold Presidential PollJuly 29, 2013
National Assembly: Last Sitting Witnesses Low AttendanceJune 28,2013
National Assembly: Finance Bill PassedJune 27,2013
National Assembly: Debate on Cut Motions ConcludesJune 24,2013
National Assembly Debates Cut MotionsJune 23,2013
National Assembly: Finance Minister Winds up Debate on BudgetJune 22,2013
National Assembly: Sitting Marred by Walkouts as Members Debate Budget June 21,2013
National Assembly: 40 MNAs Take Part in Budget DebateJune 20,2013
National Assembly: 24 MNAs Discuss BudgetJune 19, 2013
25 MNAs Participate in General Discussion on BudgetJune 18,2013
General discussion on budget continuesJune 17,2013
Debate on Budget Continues in National AssemblyJune 16,2013
National Assembly Debates Federal Budget 2013-14June 15,2013
Budget presented; 89% members attend sittingJune 12,2013
14th National Assembly: PM, Speaker and Deputy Speaker ElectedJune 06,2013
14th National Assembly Elects Leader of the HouseJune 05,2013
NA Elects Speaker and Deputy SpeakerJune 03,2013
14th National Assembly Takes OathJune 01,2013
Sitting Marked by WalkoutsFebruary 01, 2013
Most of Agenda Taken upJan 24 , 2013
Bill Passed Amidst Low Attendance; POs Consumed 61% of Sitting TimeJan 23 , 2013
Most of Agenda Left UnaddressedJan 22 , 2013
Points of Order Consumed 65% of Sitting TimeJan 21, 2013
46 Points of Order Consume 58% of sitting timeSeptember 12, 2012
Motion on law and order not discussedSeptember 10, 2012
Walkouts by ANP, MQM and PMLN against petroleum pricesSeptember 3, 2012
NA passes budget as opposition brings in no cut motionsJune 14, 2012
No Parliamentary Head Attends Conclusion of Budget Debate June 13, 2012
Senate to present 145 suggestions on budget to NAJune 12, 2012
Seven debate budget as PMLN attends sittingJune 12, 2012
Five legislators debate budget as PMN boycotts sittingJune 11, 2012
Low attendance and less interest of Members in budget sittingJune 8,2012
Only Six Legislators take part in Budget Debate June 7, 2012
Low interest in budget session June 6, 2012
Sitting marked by protests by PMLN and MQMJune 5,2012
Budget Speech attracts more than 71% MNAs to NA SittingJune 01, 201
NA passes Bill on Human Rights CommissionMay 4, 2012
PMLN Protest During NA SittingMay 2,2012
Sitting Marked by Low Attendance, PMLN WalkoutApril 27,2012
NA meets for only 32 minutesApril 26, 2012
Joint Sitting Adopts ResolutionApril 12, 2012
Single MNA debates PCNS reportApril 10,2012
Six Legislators Debate on PCNS ReportApril 9,2012
Seven Legislators Debate PCNS ReportMarch 03,2012
Only Four Legislators Debate on the National Security ReportMarch 28, 2012
President Addresses the Joint Sitting of the ParliamentMarch 12,2012
Low Attendance Continues in NAMarch 15,2012
Na Sitting Markeb by Low AttendanceMarch 14,2012
More than half of Members fail to take part in session
-NA Passes 20th Constitutional Amendment Bill
17 February 2012
National Assembly Passes Constitution Twentieth Amendment Bill14 February 2012
Sitting takes up all agenda items save the constitutional bill13 February 2012
Low Attendance Persists10 February 2012
NA Sitting Marked by Low Attendance 09 February 2012
NA defers the Constitution (Twentieth Amendment) Bill 08 February 2012
NA Sitting Marked by Low Attendance06 February 2012
Last Sitting of 38th Session Marked by Low Attendance 19 Jan 2012
NA Adopts Pro-Democracy Resolution; PMLN/PPPS walkout 16 Jan 2012
Assembly meets for just 77 minutes13 Jan 2012
Agenda left unaddressed due to death of MNA and Pir Pagara12 Jan 2012
All Agenda Items left Unaddressed 06 Jan 2012
MQM, ANP and PMLN in row over new provinces05 Jan 2012
Debates on energy crisis, dengue fever, consume one-third of session time19 Oct. 2011
35th Session: Last Sitting Marked by Low Attendance, Unfinished Agenda 18 Oct. 2011
Productive 9th NA Sitting Witnesses PMLN-MQM tussle 13 Oct. 2011
National Assembly meets for just eight minutes in 6th sitting 08 August 2011
NA Suspends Agenda to Debate on Violence in Karachi, Quetta 03 August 2011
More than three-fourth of 1st Sitting time taken up by Points of Order 01 August 2011
Low Attendance of Members Marks 2nd Sitting of 33rd NA Session 02 August 2011
NA Suspends Regular Agenda Due to Assassination of Federal Minister for Minorities02 March 2011
7th Sitting: More than two-third of time consumed by Points of Order 01 March 2011
Points of Order consume more than half of time of 6th sitting of NA 28 February 2011
29th NA Session: Low Attendance 5th Sitting Meets for 109 Minutes 25 February 2011
Despite Low Attendance, 2nd Sitting Takes Up More Agenda Items 22 February 2011
Low Attendance Observed in Relatively More Productive First Sitting22 February 2011
5th Sitting: NA Leaves Entire Agenda on Orders of the Day Unaddressed

28 Jan 2011

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