Admin and Security Officer

  • Full Time
  • Islamabad
  • Applications have closed

Terms of Reference

Position: Admin and Security Officer
Status: Full Time
Project: USAID-Citizen Engagement Program (CEP)
Department: Administration
Reports To: Chief of Party
Location: Islamabad with occasional travelling
Last date to apply: September 28, 2023


The Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives, Pakistan (CPDI) is an independent, non-partisan and a not-for-profit civil society organization working on issues of peace and development in Pakistan. It is registered under section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017. CPDI needs services of this advertised position for implementing the USAID’s Citizens’ Engagement Program (CEP), which will be implemented in selected districts of South Punjab and Northern Sindh over a period of five years. This program aims to strengthen effectiveness of citizen-led interventions; and improve government responsiveness to citizens’ concerns. Based on CPDI’s analysis of social change, political economy considerations, adverse impacts of natural calamities like floods and conflict dynamics in South Punjab and North Sindh, the program pathways and interventions focus on (a) enhancing quality of research, including about social trends, impact of recent floods on inter-communal relations, VE and conflicts, to inform policies and civil society engagement; (b) promotion of informed debates, dialogues and discussions to counter narratives that cause extremism and conflicts, especially involving journalists, media houses and young men/ women from diverse urban/ rural communities; (c) engaging legislatures and relevant executive bodies for effective policies, laws and oversight to achieve project objectives; (d) facilitating civil society/citizens’ engagement with journalists, legislatures and government institutions to discuss challenges, and collectively find ways to address perception of alienation or exclusion; (e) extension of technical support for strengthening government policies and legislative procedures (e.g. deployment of online Apps) for sharing information, engaging citizens, receiving feedback and complaints, and to become more responsive to citizens’ concerns; (f) leveraging and building upon the existing resources within communities (e.g. individuals respected across communities) that could help in improving inter-community relations by managing/resolving differences; (g) developing and promoting ideas and disseminating facts that help in strengthening counter narratives and mobilizing public support for peaceful and inclusive society/ communities; and (h) enabling young leaders to effectively engage authorities for promoting transparency and effectiveness of relief/ rehabilitation work in flood affected areas, especially for women and marginalized communities, and mitigating risks of alienation and social conflicts.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

The primary responsibility of this support function is to provide a high level of safety, security and operational support to all staff. This multifaceted role combines administrative responsibilities with security duties to ensure the smooth operation and safety of staff. These will include the following:

  • Maintain a well-organized and efficient office environment.
  • Manage office supplies and inventory, as needed.
  • Assistant in procurements, as required.
  • Coordinate meetings, appointments, and travel arrangements for staff.
  • Handle incoming and outgoing communications, including emails, phone calls, and mail.
  • Draft and proofread documents, reports, and correspondence, as required.
  • Maintain accurate records and databases.
  • Ensure compliance with document retention and data protection policies.
  • Oversee the general maintenance and cleanliness of the office space.
  • Coordinate repairs and maintenance with relevant service providers.
  • Assist senior management with various administrative tasks.
  • Provide administrative support for HR functions such as recruitment and onboarding.
  • Monitor and control access to the premises, ensuring only authorized personnel enter.
  • Issue and manage access cards or badges for employees and visitors.
  • Operate and maintain security cameras and alarm systems.
  • Conduct routine security patrols and inspections of the premises.
  • Respond to emergencies, including fire alarms, security breaches, and medical incidents.
  • Follow established protocols for evacuations and emergency procedures.
  • Document and report any security incidents or suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities.
  • Maintain incident logs and security incident reports.
  • Provide security awareness training to employees and conduct drills as necessary.
  • Ensure all staff are aware of and adhere to security policies and procedures.
  • Make and revise security plans, as needed, based on a credible threat/ risk Assessment.
  • Assist management in ensuring compliance with the security plan.
  • Maintain contacts with the relevant security agencies, as needed to perform security related functions in accordance with law.
  • Any other functions, as required for effective administration and security of staff and office premises.

Required Qualification and Skills: 

  • At least a BA degree from any of the recognized institutions.
  • Proven experience in administrative roles, with a strong understanding of office management practices.
  • Retired from military and police will be preferred.
  • Previous experience in security-related positions is preferred.
  • Familiarity with security systems, including surveillance equipment for office security, and emergency response procedures.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with employees, visitors, and law enforcement.
  • Strong attention to detail and the ability to maintain accurate records.
  • Basic computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Physical fitness and the ability to perform security patrols and respond to emergencies.
  • A commitment to maintaining a safe and secure work environment.
  • Knowledge of USAID security rules and regulations is advantageous.
  • Proficiency in both English and Urdu is essential for this role.

How to Apply: 

  • Interested individuals can send their detailed CV along with one-page cover/motivation letter to The last date of application is Sep 28, 2023.
  • Please mention the post applied for in the subject line.
  • Please do not attach your degrees or any other supporting documents.
  • CPDI has a policy of not sharing the data of applicants with any other agency.

Special Note: 

  • CPDI is a non-smoking area. Smoking is not allowed in covered areas of CPDI offices, inside CPDI official vehicles, during the proceedings of any seminars, conferences or meetings conducted by CPDI or where any employee is representing CPDI.
  • CPDI has a zero-tolerance policy towards financial corruption, moral turpitude and sexual harassment.
  • CPDI has a non-discrimination policy on the basis of race, language, color, and religion.
  • CPDI has the policy to disqualify the applicants who try to influence the shortlisting/interview committee during the process of recruitment.
  • As a socially responsible organization, CPDI strives to maintain a plastic-free environment at its offices and during field activities.