Workshop on Budget Analysis and Budget Advocacy (Consultation)(Completed)

Project TitleWorkshop on Budget Analysis and Budget Advocacy (Consultation)
Duration5 Days (Sept 28-Oct 2, 2010)
Objectives1) Budget literacy – understanding budget documents (national, provincial and district)
2) Understanding the budget cycle targets and opportunities for advocacy (Preparation, Enactment/Legislation, Execution, Key indicators to monitor and Public Expenditure review)
3) Analyzing Budget (Current and Development Budget)
4) Budget Tracking
Geographic FocusIslamabad
Target Groups and beneficiariesAction Aid and its project partners.
DescriptionBudget making in Pakistan has traditionally been an exclusive domain of the government, as people could not access or analyze the relevant information in a timely manner. Most of the public has no knowledge of the budget making process at district level and could not differentiate between the development, non-development and current budget. To ensure the people centered budget making and to promote transparency in the utilization of the budget, people should have complete knowledge about its making process and have eagerness and skill to monitor it. There is a dire need for building relevant budget tracking capacities in the civil society and articulating and advocating peoples-centered budget making. With this background in mind, Action Aid Pakistan is arranging a workshop on Budget Analysis and Advocacy for its project partners. Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) is the implementing partner.
Main activities of the workshop will include:
Basic concepts of budget (including budget terminology)
Budget, types of Budget, Budget Cycle
Discussion on District Government; its structure and salient features
Fiscal Transfers
Budget Training
Current Budget
Analyzing the Current Budget
Understanding Development Budgets with special focus on education
Budget Advocacy -- Identifying Issues and Developing an Agenda for Advocacy
Freedom of information and its relation to budget work