Supporting Transparency, Accountability and Electoral Process in Pakistan-(Completed)

Project TitleSupporting Transparency, Accountability and Electoral Process in Pakistan
Duration February , 2011 to September, 2013
Objectives1. Governance Monitoring to ensure quality of services provided to the general public
2. Formation of Constituency Relation Groups to foster local level accountabilities with the objective of enhancing the responsiveness of elected representatives and public officials.
3. Increase public awareness about political and electoral violence and get support for its prevention and reduction.
4. Election Observation of all By- Elections and General Election 2013 to make the process more transparent and inclusive
5. CNIC and Voter registration to increasing citizens’ participation in democratic process
6. Parliamentary Watch to bring the performance of ER to limelight.
Geographic FocusNA51, NA54, NA55, NA56(Rawalpindi), NA63(Jhelum), NA66, NA67, NA68 (Sargodha), NA70 (Khushab), NA87, NA89 (Jhang), NA93 (Toba Tek Singh)
Target Groups and beneficiariesConstituents of all above mention 12 constituencies
PublicationsRequirement for an Access to Information Law in Punjab
DescriptionThe main aim of STAEP is to ensure more effective, transparent and accountable governance by increasing citizen's participation in ensuring transparency and accountability of elected and public institutions. Further program is to ensure democratic processes in Pakistan are more open, inclusive, efficient and accountable to citizens through multiple interventions; Improving the responsiveness of elected representatives to their constituents; Enhancing electoral reforms and citizen participation in democratic processes; Improving civic education on democratic rights and responsibilities etc.