Strengthening RTI Movement by Building National RTI Coalition-(In Progress)

Project TitleStrengthening RTI Movement by Building National RTI Coalition
Supported byFoundation Open Society Institute Pakistan (FOSIP)
DurationDecember 1, 2012 to June 2017
Project Objectives1. Providing a platform to civil society groups for collective efforts for implementation of RTI laws and knowledge sharing.

2. Creating demand for enactment of right to information laws according to international best practices of right to information legislation;
Geographic FocusNational
Target Groups and beneficiariesPolitical parties, elected representatives, public officials, journalists, civil society organizations
DescriptionThis project is aimed at providing common platform to civil society organization to launch efforts to protect and promote right to information in the country. It has been a successful effort as civil society organizations have been able to pool in their resources to further strengthen their advocacy initiatives giving impetus to right to information movement in the country.