RTI diagnostic study-(Completed)

Project TitleRTI diagnostic study
Supported ByThe Asia Foundation
Project Duration Three months (Feb 2013 – Apr 2013)
Project Objectives1. To analyze the political commitment and legal framework facilitating citizens’ access to information in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
2. To evaluate the implementation of the RTI Act or transparency provisions in other laws in terms of the setting up of adequate, appropriate and empowered institutional structures and processes to facilitate citizens’ access to information.
3. To assess the ease with which citizens can access information;
4. To assess the role of the media and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as users, facilitators, and educators of the RTI Act or transparency provisions in other laws.
5. To collect primary and secondary data on identified parameters to establish a baseline on the evolution of the information regime and the implementation of various information laws.
6. To formulate recommendations for strengthening the country’s access to information regime.
Geographic FocusNational
Target Groups and beneficiariesCivil Society, legislatures and public at large
DescriptionThis study, supported by TAF is the first of its kind endeavor in Pakistan that aims to evaluate the situation of right to information, gauging both the demand and supply side of information access mechanism, in extensive detail. Conducted simultaneously in four countries of South Asia, the study would utilize both quantitative and qualitative research tools to unearth the condition of the essential elements that RTI mechanism in Pakistan comprises. This study is vital as it seeks to identify the barriers that cripple the access to information regime at all administrative tiers and the problems/challenges prevailing therein. For Pakistan, the timing of the study is also very crucial- while the new Right to Information bill is under deliberation of legislatures at the Federal level, at the provincial level, efforts are currently underway, in both Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, to enact provincial legislations on RTI. This study is expected to serve as an impetus to the efforts undertaken in Pakistan to bestow citizens with their constitutional right to information.