RTI Campaign – Federal Access To Information Network (FATIN)-(Completed)

Project TitleRTI Campaign – Federal Access To Information Network (FATIN)
Supported ByFriedrich Naumann Foundation
Project DurationOne Year (Jan 2013 –Dec 2013)
Project Objectives1. To engage policy-makers, government, media organizations, civil society, state institutions and academia within Pakistan to implement The Freedom of Information (FoI) Ordinance.
2. To pursue a programme of Federal Access To Information Network that develops and advocates a discourse among the fresh graduates and emerging leaders of youth to exercise their right to information
Geographic FocusFederal
Target Groups and beneficiariesLegislatures, government official, journalists, Academia, Civil Society and Citizenry
DescriptionThe 2013 Right to Information (RTI) campaign, supported by Friedrich Naumann Foundation, focuses specifically upon sensitizing youth leaders from the Federal Capital, Islamabad on RTI. The campaign aims to select a pool of talented students via an online competition phase on RTI and direct the efforts of these students towards filing information requests in pre-specified sectors. The campaign would build upon the prior year’s endeavors to recognize RTI as an enabling right. All the stages of the campaign would be documented via a documentary. The involvement of parents, peers and teachers of the students would help in first hand dissemination of awareness on RTI, while the involvement of media would ensure that the message reaches citizenry across Pakistan.