Promoting Public Accountability through Right to Information in Pakistan-(In Progress)

Project TitlePromoting Public Accountability through Right to Information in Pakistan
Supported byFoundation Open Society Institute Pakistan (FOSIP)
DurationDecember 01, 2010 to June 2017
Project Objectives1. Strengthening Demand Side for RTI
2. Mainstreaming RTI in National and Provincial Policy Discourse
Geographic FocusNational
Target Groups and beneficiariesPolitical parties, elected representatives, public officials, journalists, civil society organizations and grass root activists of 8 districts of Punjab
DescriptionThis project aims at consolidating the critical achievements and builds upon the gains of CPDI initiatives on transparency and right to information in partnership with Foundation Open Society Institute. CPDI started partnership with OSI in December 2010 and the project completed in December 2011.

The proposed project is spanned over a period of three years. The project was implemented in 4 districts of the Punjab in first year and would be extended to 2 more districts from second year of the project. CPDI is focusing on initiatives pertaining to advocacy efforts for the enactment of effective right to information laws and implementation of the existing ones by focusing both the demand and supply side.