Parliament Watch Pakistan (PWP)(Completed)

Project TitleParliament Watch Pakistan (PWP)
Project Duration July 2011-June 2013
Objectives1. To observe the proceedings of parliament and share the reports with the voters.
2. To get the observation data on a specially designed check list based on rules and procedures of the parliament and generate qualitative reports of working of house and performance of members thereof.
3. To make the performance of houses and the members available for further research and advocacy.
Geographic FocusNational (National Assembly and Senate)
Target Groups and beneficiariesElected representatives, Voters
DescriptionThe project is aimed at getting an independent insight into the performance of the parliament and the individual elected representatives based on a scientific study that is supported by direct observation of permanent observers. The observation of the observers will be reported on a well designed check list that will be based on the rules and procedures of the relevant house of parliament. The project will disseminate observation information to all stakeholders i.e. parliamentarians, civil society and the voters. Purpose of dissemination of this information will be to bring improvements in the working of parliament and open new avenues of public accountability in Pakistan.