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Issue No: 195 E – Alert Issue Date: 27-12-2019


Access to Information bill falls short

Cambodia Daily

While the Cambodian government’s efforts to facilitate access to information held by public authorities are positive, the Draft Law has numerous shortcomings…


Body set up to address media problems


Speaking to the media outside the Parliament House, the special assistant said an information commission had already been established and the government…


Law needs RTI-defenders

The Daily Star

Unless citizens appreciate the dangers confronting their RTI regimes seriously, the law is likely to end up as a paper tiger…

Jammu and Kashmir

RTI ‘designates’ (PIOs) in J&K UT clueless about road-ahead

State Times

This became evident when the Public Information Officer (PIO) in the office of Deputy Commissioner, Jammu found himself in quandary whether to entertain applications under the Act or not…


Govt believes in free flow of information

Radio Pakistan

Government is providing financial assistance to the deceased journalists’ families in education and healthcare…


Palace urges Congress to pass FOI bill

Asian Journal

Freedom of Information must be implemented across the bureaucracy: the executive, legislature, judiciary, including the local government units…


Abuse of RTI has led to paralysis and fear among officials

The Hindu

Time has come to lay down guidelines on the use of the RTI. Guidelines should be put in place to check the locus of the RTI applicant…


Access to information fuels democracy

SC Times

If there is no difference between fact and fiction there can be no democracy. But 2+2 does equal 4 and we know it, so why behave like monkeys on a rope…


Information in the public interest

Jamaica Observer

The fact is that the squabbles over getting information released under the ATI Act are often related to juicy or potentially controversial information…

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