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Issue No: 161 E – Alert Issue Date: 31-05-2018

Marriyum urges media outlets for self-accountability
The News
Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb has urged media outlets to do self-introspection and accountability..

Whistleblowers act needed to protect RTI users: Activist Aruna Roy
Indian Express
RTI has brought in an architecture where "we are enabled to change from a culture of secrecy to one of transparency"..

Texans’ right to information is being infringed; be outraged at government, demand change
Caller Times
This isn’t just a right of news media to information for news stories. It’s is a right of any Texan to find out how tax money is being spent..

Bills, Bills, Bills!
Ghana Web
The Right to Information Bill has had a journey of stops and starts and in-betweens. Right now? The Bill is on a tour of some regional capitals..

Ngeria : Kano, Adamawa To Adopt Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2011.
Africa Prime News
Kano state government is in the process of adopting the Freedom of Information Act, with a view to empowering the citizens to participate actively in governance

Rti enquiry filed over construction of Indira Awas Yojna
The Pioneer
World Press Freedom Day is being observed in Bangladesh and elsewhere today amid a growing animosity towards journalists across the globe.

Right To Information Activists Urge CM To Strengthen Punjab Information Commission
Urdu Point
RTI activists welcome the CM Punjab’s action to appoint Saeed Akhtar Ansari and Mehboob Qadir Shah as information commissioners at Punjab

Place Proposed Amendments To RTI Act In Public Domain For Scrutiny: National Campaign For Peoples’ Right To Information To PM Modi…
Live Law
“Undermines people’s democratic right to know and participate in the legislative process and prevents public scrutiny of the provisions of a proposed bill”….

Federal Information Commission likely to be notified today
The News
Government has missed a six-month deadline to set up the commission, still the appointment is termed a landmark development..

Buhari administration, like Jonathan’s, condoning impunity in implementation of FOI Act
Premium Times
The scale of non-compliance with the provisions of the FOI Act by public institutions under the authority and direct control of the federal government is mind-boggling”..

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