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Issue No: 148 E – Alert Issue Date: 03-10-2017

International Right to Know Day – Pakistan’s RTI legislation is a zero-sum game
Many people know that right to information was granted in 2002 when, during the Musharraf regime, the Freedom of Information (FOI) Ordinance 2002 was introduced…

Beresford and Reynolds: Respect Canadians’ right to know about the Canada Infrastructure Bank
Ottawa Citizen
Right to Know Week is a perfect time for Canadian citizens to look at the federal government’s new Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB)…

Access to Information: women transforming their communities
Ifex 25
With more than 100 workshops carried out so far, and more than 27 communities reached, the campaign aims to bring knowledge of these tools to residents…

My RTI reveals Ram Rahim was a bigger VIP for Modi sarkar than Sri Sri and
On April 19, after banning the use of lal batti (red beacon light) by VVIPs on their vehicles, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thundered on Twitter that every Indian is a VIP…

Govt fails to get right to info bill passed from NA
The Nation
The government and opposition engaged in a heated discussion on the ‘controversial’ bill for an hour. The opposition after failing to incorporate their proposed amendments in the bill took benefit…

UN must do more to protect journalists around the world
The Hill
When you imagine the most dangerous jobs in the world, soldiers, police officers, firefighters…

LHC reserves decision on plea to make Justice Najafi’s report public
Qaiser Iqbal and 19 others family members of the 2014 Model Town incident’s victims had filed this petition. Counsel for the petitioners Barrister Syed Ali Zafar submitted that 14 persons…

Panama Papers: ED May Summon Bachans
The Economic Times…
The Enforcement Directorate has received replies from actor Amitabh Bachchan and his family members to notices issued to them…

The Right to Information Around the World
Article 19
Info graphics show you where right to know laws are in place, where governments are making commitments to transparency bodies, and where there’s still room…

All you need to know about filing an RTI
Your Story
In India, the Right to Information (RTI) Act was passed in 2005, making it mandatory for the government to respond to a citizen’s request for information in the public domain…

Right to Information
Pakistan Today
It was on 28 September 2002 that organisations promoting freedom of information (FOI) all over the globe joined heads in Bulgaria and founded FOI…

Fighting Corruption: eliminate the empty promises and let act now
News Ghana
One of the potent solutions to the numerous scandals of corrupt practices in our country rests in the hands of our leaders. Especially, the Executive and the Legislature to give us a good right to information law…

65 RTI activists murdered since 2005 – here’s a tribute to India’s fallen heroes
Your Story
With more than 65 people killed and close to 400 harassed or intimidated, violence against RTI activists is a menace that continues…

Getting The Gift of Education Through RTI
Knowledge is powerful. So it follows that having access to knowledge is empowering for many. Naresh from Agra is a living example of that…

Murder will out: Judge orders Sharif govt to make Model Town tragedy probe public
Pakistan Today
The Lahore High Court’s (LHC) decision Thursday, ordering the Punjab government to release the Model Town tragedy report, has added to the Sharifs’ woes as the ruling family…

Sri Lanka
A long way to go
Daily Mirror
On the other hand some leaders are more futuristic. Yet, another set of political leaders focus on ‘the now’ and neither focus on the future nor glorify the past…

RTI: No information about Koul Commission Report, says MHA
Kashmir Age
The Ministry for Home Affairs Government of India in response to an application filed under Right to Information Act by Kashmiri…

KP govt asked to make RTI act functional
Pakistan Today
The right to access information held by public bodies, known as the right to information (RTI), is an internationally recognised human right…

Q&A with Panama Papers investigation coordinator
Merquette Wire
The Panama Papers are an unprecedented leak of 11.5 million files from the database of the world’s fourth largest offshore…

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