Developing Employability Skills among Educated Youth-(Completed)

Project TitleDeveloping Employability Skills among Educated Youth
Supported ByUmeed Jawan
Project Durationone year
Objectives1. To Train 1540 (approximately 65%-35% male-female ratio) graduate and post graduate youth from four target districts on employability skills by May 2015;
2. To minimize the skill-gap of educated graduate and post graduate students and enhance their civic education and knowledge on governance;
3. To enable youth to act as ambassadors of peace in their localities and reduce their vulnerability to join violent groups and by providing them employability skills and civic education
Geographic FocusMultan, Bahawalpur, Muzaffargarh and Lodhran
Target Groups and Beneficiaries: The direct number of beneficiaries will be 1540 graduate and post-graduate youth of south Punjab (660 from Multan, 440 from Bahawalpur, 220 from Muzaffargarh and 220 from Lodhran). CPDI will endeavor to ensure 35% female participation in the program.
The indirect beneficiaries will be 9240 (average household size taken at six people) members of families of the direct beneficiaries.
Description:CPDI’s Skills for Peace Initiative aims to prevent youth from joining violent groups by imparting employable-skills training so they have better career prospective and providing them civic education so that they can participate actively in improving governance and propagate the message of peace and harmony in the society by serving as ambassadors of peace. To achieve this objective, CPDI will train these youth in four skill development and civic education centers set up in district headquarters. Youth benefiting from this activity would belong to all 18 tehsils of the four project districts.
With the support of Umeed Jawan, CPDI will invite graduate and post-graduate degree awarding institutes and universities of all four districts to train a total of 1540 graduate and post-graduate students. CPDI will liaison with job sector offering employment opportunities and government institutions to arrange exposure visits on governance for the students.