Content Development and Management for Pakistan Elections Information Web Portal (PEIWP)-(Completed)

Project TitleContent Development and Management
for Pakistan Elections Information Web Portal (PEIWP)
Duration One Year (Apr 2013 – Mar 2014)
Objectives1. To sensitize the voters community, with a focus on Youth, Women and marginalized groups, and other electoral stakeholders like political parties, civil society organizations etc. on the importance of the political process and to motivate them to actively participate in the electoral processes;
2. To provide a one-stop resource to people of Pakistan about election related news, views and Information;
3. To produce voter education material to enhance the understanding of voters about political and electoral system of Pakistan.
Geographic FocusNational
Target Groups and beneficiariesVoters of Pakistan 2013 elections, political parties and civil society organizations
DescriptionThe project is aimed to sensitize Citizens of Pakistan on the power of their vote and thus serve as a catalyst in increasing the voter turnout. The project activities intend to produce a variety of audio-visual resource material to assist the voters in understanding the voting process extensively and also to motivate him/her to cast their vote. The project material, which comprises e-booklets, documentary, election jingle, democracy games, monthly newsletter, animations, online election analysis and quizzes on political concepts and facts etc, is all intended to be disseminated via utilization of web-technology as the primary means. It is envisaged that the project would connect the citizens of Pakistan in the electoral process and empower them in playing their part towards building a democratic Pakistan.