Constituency Relation Project(Completed)

Project TitleConstituency Relation Project
DurationAugust to November 2008
Objectives1. Formation of Constituency Relations Group (CRG) comprising 25 citizens to bridge gap between elected representatives and the constituents.
2. Active citizenship to ensure that elected representatives are responsive, and meeting their words as they have promised.
3. Identification of governance issue through FGDs to raise demand for its solutions from the platform of CRG.
Geographic FocusNA51, NA54 (Rawalpindi), NA65,66 (Sargodha), NA69,70 (Khushab), NA63 (Jhelum), NA89(Jhang), NA93, NA94 (Toba Tek Singh)
Target Groups and beneficiariesConstituents and elected representatives of all above mention constituencies
DecriptionConstituency Relations Project will encourage active citizenship and empower the constituents to make their elected representatives accountable. Constituency Relations Groups formed in each constituency will identify local issues of governance and will raise public demands and will hold constituency forums, interface meetings with elected representatives, organize seminars and other advocacy activities to get the public demands met. CRGs will also work as a bridge between the electors and the elected.