Civil Society Engagement for Effective COVID-19 Response

Project TitleCivil Society Engagement for Effective COVID-19 Response
DurationFebruary 2021 – January 2022
Objectivesa) To assess the impact of the government's policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic;
b) To use the findings of the assessment to inform and enrich debate among CSOs for developing appropriate recommendations and government engagement strategy; and
c) To publicise civil society recommendations to inform stakeholders and facilitate meetings among CSOs and government institutions for discussing improved policy response to the COVID-19.
Geographic FocusPakistan
Target Groups and beneficiariesCSOs, Marginalized / vulnerable communities, Health Practitioners, COVID-19 patients and cured and National / Provincial legislator’s/policy makers.
DescriptionCentre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) has initiated a project, with the financial support from the Commonwealth Foundation, in February 2021, titled “Civil Society Engagement for Effective COVID-19 Response” to assess the government COVID-19 response and to generate a debate by engaging Civil Society for facilitating the government in formulation of a feasible strategy to better cope with the pandemic crisis.

The project is supposed to help formulate improved and updated SOPs for COVID-19 patients, inclusive policies for preventing, diagnosing, or treating COVID-19 patients belonging to vulnerable and marginalised groups. Increased budgetary allocations for health sector, especially for COVID-19 response and identification of loopholes in budget utilization. Moreover, the project seeks to improve coordination between CSOs and government agencies, for devising a sustainable feedback mechanisms and consequently for flooring convenient Government's social protection programs for vulnerable groups as well.