Civil Society and Police Reform in South Asia-(Completed)

Project TitleCivil Society and Police Reform in South Asia
Project Duration Three Years (Jan 1, 2013 – Dec 31, 2015)
Project Objectives1. Contributing to enable civil society in South asia to play a greater role in the promotion of human rights and accountability in policing;
2. Build in-country knowledge of civil society in order to monitor reform initiatives and engage with policy makers and governments on police reforms;
3. Enhance public awareness of citizens’ rights vis-à-vis state authorities;
4. Build capacity of existing in-country external oversight mechanisms in order to strengthen police accountability;
5. Strengthen the regional network of CSOs, catalyse a regional debate and exchange of best practices on police reforms and orient it in accord with international human rights standards.
Geographic FocusNational
Target Groups and beneficiariesPolice and Citizens
DescriptionCentre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) is implementing a project on “Civil Society and Police Reform in South Asia”, lead by FNF and Funded by European Union (EU). The project focuses on police accountability and is being implemented in India, Maldives, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The project includes comprehensive research activities, multimedia campaigns on citizens’ rights, capacity building of CSOs and multistakeholder forums for discussion and dialogue. The project aims to generate an informed debate on democratic policing through a comprehensive research base, increase public awareness on citizens’ rights, having more informed police reform advocates in the region and constructing a vibrant regional network through multi-stakeholder forums for discussion and dialogue.