Police urged to devise system for public complaints

RAWALPINDI–Syed Kausar Abbas, Program Manager, Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) has urged the Rawalpindi police to develop a mechanism to redress the information requests and complaints of the citizens. Right to Information is a fundamental right of every citizen and the public officials are bound to respond the information requests of the citizens within time period of 14 days, he said while talking to media persons. He said the department is also bound to designate Public Information Officers in all departments to address the information requests of citizens. Kausar Abbas said that the list of Public Information Officers should be shared with the media and displayed at the notice boards of the police stations to facilitate the citizens regarding their information right. Police can improve the Thana culture by sharing information with the citizens. It can develop the confidence between citizens and police officials and can promote the community policing in the police stations. Citizens can take initiatives to help the polices for crime control and ensure peace in the society. He said that the police coordination committees should be formed to address the local issues of community and to control the heinous crimes at the street level.

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