Sharing of MPs’ attendance on official website demanded

Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives, (CPDI) here on Thursday . urged that the attendance of the members of Parliament should be shared on the official website of National and Provincial assemblies.
Program Manager Syed Kausar Abbas said most of the members of the Parliament in Provincial and National Assembly do not attend the assembly sessions which brings a question mark on the performance of the parliamentarians.
He said that the citizens have given a mandate to their elected representatives to represent their constituencies at National and Provincial level but unfortunately they do not attend the sessions on regular basis. He said that the regular performance of the members of parliament should be updated on the official websites of the assemblies. This would bring the accountability mechanism for the citizens and elected representatives.
Kausar Abbas urged the speaker of assemblies to define a mechanism for the sharing of information and performance of the elected representatives with the citizens. He said that the attendance criteria should also be defined to ensure the attendance of MPs in the assembly.

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