National Disaster Management Day celebrated

Centre for Peace and Development Initiative (CPDI) in collaboration with Shehersaaz and City District Government, Rawalpindi observed National Disaster Management Day at DCO Complex.
Assistant Commissioner, Nazia Perveen Sudhan graced the occasion as chief guest.
As part of the programme, these organisations arranged poster competition event, which was participated by different schools, colleges and universities of Rawalpindi.
The title of the competition was ‘The use of plastic shopping bags leads to urban flooding’. Old and new members of Shehersaaz participated and shared their views.
Almas Saleem, National Coordinator of Shehersaaz speaking on the occasion said that in the first phase of campaign, focus is being laid on reducing the use of plastic shopping bags replacing them with environment friendly cotton bags. “Through our campaign, we are focusing on two major components including improving the livelihood opportunities for women and promoting environment friendly practices,” he said.
In next phase, she said the related organisations would focus on school children and college students. The purpose would be to target children and youth is that we believe today’s kids have more autonomy and decision making power in a family setting compared with children of the previous generations. They are more vocal and practical about what they want. Now there is need to plant the seeds of good environment friendly habits in the mind of children. Only then we could expect that these seeds would grow as fruit trees and provide shadow to ourselves and coming generations, she said while adding that schools are the real centres of learning where children could learn by practicing ways and means to contribute to the sustainable development of society and environment.
CPDI Programme Manager Syed Kausar Abbass said that the purpose of holding such kind of events is to create awareness among people that how Pakistan is facing a multitude of social and environmental issues of gigantic magnitudes and complex dimensions. However, many of these are linked with citizens’ routine behaviours and their attitude towards society, the places they inhabit and the nature. The chief guest AC Nazia Perveen Sudhan appreciated the initiative of Shehersaaz and especially escalated the steps taken for plastic shopping bags. She ensured full cooperation with Shehersaaz in all means.
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