Civil Aviation Authority Wins Right to Information Champion Award 2022

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been awarded the Right to Information (RTI) Champion Award 2022.

The award was presented by the Center for Peace and Development (CPDI) to Director Airport Services CAA, Sadiq-ur-Rehman.

The award recognizes the efforts made for the implementation of the Access to Information Act 2017. CAA was nominated by the Pakistan Information Commission (PIC) for this award.

 The award is also given to a journalist, citizen, or public information officer for efforts to enforce right-to-information laws.

CPDI is a partner of the Coalition on Right to Information (CRTI), a platform of 53 civil society organizations. CRTI has been working for access to information laws in Pakistan since 2012.

28 September is observed as the International Day of Right to Access to Information across the globe.

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