Election Observation Report (Voting Process) NA-120 (Lahore III)


Election Observation Report (Voting Process)

NA-120 (Lahore III)

Sunday (September 17, 2017)

This is a preliminary report issued by Coalition for Elections and Democracy (CED) 1. NA120 Election Marred by undue Strict Security Measures and Observers’ Unfriendly attitude by Security Staff.

This is a preliminary report issued by Coalition for Elections and Democracy (CED) for observing the election process in NA-120 (Lahore III). Total number of Registered voters in the constituency is 324786 including 179642 male voters and 142144 female voters. Total number of polling stations set up in the constituency is 220 including 39 polling stations with biometric verification. There are 102 male polling stations, 99 female whereas 19 polling stations are combined. This report presents the observation of the voting process of polling in the constituency. The CED teams initiated observation of the voting process right from the opening of the polling stations. Complete staff was present on all the sampled polling stations observed during the day.

The observers reported at the approach of the polling station that 57 % polling stations were not accessible for the voters with reduced mobility. Some of the polling stations were set up well above the ground level with no access roads leading to the building making it difficult for persons with disability to cast their votes.

The observers reported that 48 % of the sampled polling stations have no problems in the vicinity of the polling station. In 52% of the sampled polling stations irregularities were reported in the vicinity of the polling station. These irregularities include display of campaign material within 200 meters of the 33 % sampled polling station during the voting process. The campaign material included party flags, posters banners and stall of caps resembling party flags. Voter parchi distribution and campaign activities were seen at the 66% and 44% of the sampled polling stations.

The election process was marred by resolute behavior of security officials. Security officials were seen inside the polling station monitoring the voting process. In Polling station # 46 Nain Qasad was sitting inside the polling station on request of Presiding Officer. The observers also noted the uninvited persons interfering with the work of the polling station staff.

Presence of unauthorized persons inside and outside the polling stations was also observed at all most all polling stations. A team of observers at PS# 75, 84, 157,158, 119,120 & 103 were not allowed to enter the polling stations to observe the voting process by security officials. The Observers team observed the alternate polling stations.

Observers reported that in PS# 191, both the Assistant Presiding Officer and Polling officer on Booth 2 were visually impaired. 7 voters complained to the army that there was no ink mark on their thumb while they have already casted vote. Upon this, Security Official threatened Presiding Officer to close the polling station. However there were no formal complaints lodged against it and the polling continued.

The CED observation teams reported that presence of polling agents on the polling stations during the voting phase remained higher than the opening phase. PTI and PMLN deployed the highest number of polling agents covering the sampled polling booths. People party representatives were present in a smaller amount at the sampled polling booths. JI had the lowest presence at the sampled polling stations.

On enquiry of the observers, presiding officers at 5 polling stations told that there was dearth of some essential polling material. At polling station #167 the PO said that the ballot papers were insufficient number and at PS # 124 the PO shared that envelopes for material were inadequate. The remaining polling stations complained the missing of minor stationery items.

The security situation generally remained in control of the law enforcement agencies and no major law and order situation came up at the sampled polling stations during observation.

1 CED is a civil society coalition for voter education, election observation and strengthening democratic institutions. Its secretariat is based at CPDI

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