CPDI urges govt to implement Consumer Protection Act

Pr ISLAMABAD – Expressing concern over the inordinate delay in the establishment of the Consumers Protection Council in the capital, the Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) has urged the federal government to immediately implement the Islamabad Consumers Protection Act, 1995.

In a statement issued here on Monday, CPDI Executive Director Amer Ejaz said under the Islamabad Consumers Protection Act, 1995, the federal government had to establish the Consumers Protection Council for determining, promoting and protecting the rights of consumers; however, it has failed to do so even after the passage of 22 years. “The delay speaks volumes of the government’s lack of interest in the rights of consumers, though it is responsible for ensuring that the businesses follow ethical practices,” he added.

Ejaz urged the government to implement the Islamabad Consumers Protection Act, 1995, in letter and spirit by establishing the Consumers Protection Council at the earliest. He also demanded the establishment of a working complaint handling mechanism for the residents of Islamabad whereby they could launch complaints regarding the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of goods and services.

For carrying out the purposes of the act, the federal government made the Islamabad Capital Territory (Consumers Protection) Rules, 2011, after a delay of 16 years. However, no concrete step has been taken in the direction of implementing these rules because of the delay in the establishment of the Consumers Protection Council, as well as the Islamabad Consumers Association and Area Consumers Associations.


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